PVA 7 & Having a Kiki

I am delighted to have a piece in the latest Paper Visual Art Journal (vol. 7). It’s a pretty exhausted and somewhat belligerent essay (title: On Our Collective Wet Dream), written back towards the middle of this centenary year (in light of yet more 1916 plámás, alongside another disheartening budget for the arts, the ‘I’ of the text is in fact comparatively optimistic). Roughly speaking, though, the essay deals with the physical and metaphoric space of art here in Ireland: the ever diminishing studio spaces, galleries, and ARIs, coupled with a (somewhat incongruous) plethora of state-supported 1916 commemoration in the visual arts.

Anyway, I’m in fine, fine company in the journal, so I recommend you pick it up in some (very) good bookshop, or alternatively get in touch with PVA directly. While you’re at it, you must also buy the tremendous, and important, Having a Kiki: Queer Desire and Public Space, edited by the excellent Emma Haugh, which was also launched by PVA a couple of weeks back. Having a Kiki is, I think, the most pressing of the two (when I’m finished reading it hopefully I can put some thoughts down on it); but both are fantastic publications — the best PVA have put out so far, I suspect — and a confirmation of their commitment to timely, intelligent writing on art. PVA’s commitment to this solidifies them as the most vital art publication in Ireland. Long may it continue, and well done.


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