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A few things to report. The first is that some of my writing has come online at Mother’s Tankstation’s shiny new website. These are six essays written for their 2013 annual, and detail the whole year of exhibitions there. It was a strong year. Nina Canell, Aurélien Froment, Fergus Feehily, Shane McCarthy, and Atsushi Kaga all held solo exhibitions there, with a terrific group show, Built with Love, completing the line-up. Writing the annual was a fantastic experience for me, not only because I got the chance to meet these artists, but also that I was able to understand the programme in a more involved, and prolonged, capacity. I know I’m biased now, but for me Mother’s is the most exciting commercial gallery (I hesitate in using this term unreservedly) in Dublin. Having recently celebrated ten years in operation, too, I can only hope that it stays open for a long time. The current exhibition, Cui Jie’s Latter, Former, is clear of an intent that’s as strong, if not stronger, than it was ten years ago (Congrats, Finola and David, and thanks).

In other news, I’m starting an art-writing website. Part TJ Clark’s The Sight of Death, part Vdrome and part that “what image do you have where you work” bit on the back page of Frieze, my aim is very simple: to provide a space for prolonged looking and writing about images. I guess the most pressing question is: do we not have enough of this already? Probably, but this is to be a very minor operation. There will be no archive, and so the most it will make are transitory but meditative impressions. One image, tight focus.

This could be construed as nostalgic, and to some degree it is. But really it – currently nameless – just aims to provide a sympathetically designed online space for considered writing about art. Too often, I think, online art writing is overshadowed by its mode of presentation, the subsequent article that tantalises even as we read this one. The hope, quite simply, is that there will be no distractions here. What there will be is an image, and a text. Software can take care of the rest. Self-control is particularly good.

In other news, the first issue of Third Floor Journal arrived from Montreal today. I have an essay on the recent practice of Metahaven in it, which you can read in full here (pp. 40-48).


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