Kathy Tynan ‘The Sky Is All Changed’

Kathy Tynan‘s exhibition of new paintings opens this Thursday 22nd of May from 6-8pm at Hendron’s Collider, Dominick Street Upper. Following this, there will be an event taking place there on Saturday, with contributions from Coco and Edia Connole, and Fintan Neylan. I have also written a short response to the work, which will accompany the exhibition. The exhibition runs until Sunday 25th of May, and promises to be well worth the trip. More information on the exhibition can be found below.


‘Unavoidable Double’, oil on canvas, 2014


‘Wings of Bone’, oil on canvas, 2014

‘The Sky Is All Changed’ is Kathy Tynan’s first solo exhibition. This collection of paintings brings together quiet scenes of local housing, beaches, parks, people and animals. Tynan chooses subjects that are deeply familiar to her. In doing so, she seeks out the strangeness that lies within these encounters. When something is familiar, whether it is a daily route to work or an old photograph on the mantelpiece, it can become taken for granted or even overlooked. In seeking strangeness and astonishment within the most seemingly mundane aspects of daily life, an abundance of texture, colour and depth can be discovered, without having to wait for a spectacular occurrence. Once this process has begun, the unknowability of the world springs forth from every angle. Tynan’s painting style echoes this spirit with sensitivity and dedication. While an appreciation of nature is present in her work, she is determined to avoid grandeur and impressiveness. Her use of paint is considered yet carefree, allowing for an acknowledgment of the sheer novelty of everyday surroundings.



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