The Wheel

Just got my hands on an edition of The Wheel, a publication that my good friend Sean O’ Sullivan has devised and edited, with the help of Dun Laoghaire – Rathdown County Council. It has a simple and nostalgic look about it, like those copybooks I remember from school.

Rebecca O’Dwyer, Proscenium, in “Holding on to your Shadow”, The Wheel, 2011

Anyway, leaving aesthetics to one side, this small edition of 100 includes new texts by Sean O’ Sullivan, Imelda Barnard, Adrian Duncan, Emma Dwyer and yours truly. The initial, provisional, line of enquiry revolved around the question, ‘what is the ethical defensibility of criticism in the face of failure?‘; this was left to one side fairly quickly, but I still interrogate it to a certain extent in my text, which, for some reason, is centered around a single passage in Roberto Bolano’s 2666.

The texts are varied and tangential responses to a series of discussions we organised amongst ourselves. These mainly comprised of us complaining about the question, and most of us decided to abandon it completely. This in itself intrigued me – maybe it hit a nerve? Are we supposed to be exempt from ethics; maybe we shouldn’t have to consider them at all, at least not in a professional sense. Or maybe it begs consideration, I don’t know.

The publication will be launched this Monday 4th of April, at Monster Truck Gallery from 7-8.30 pm. To mark this, there will be a panel discussion around the topic of criticism involving Tim Stott, Niamh Dunphy, James Merrigan, and Declan Long (chair). The press release can be found here




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