Well this is what I will be doing on Thursday….

Ormond Studios, Dublin proudly presents Scalar, an exhibition of works by Matthew Slack, Sam Keogh, Jackqualyn Gray, Gavin Murphy and Joseph Noonan-Ganley.

The project is curated by Seán O Sullivan.

Opening: 6pm – 9pm 24 June 2010

Scalar is a multifaceted study of topics surrounding cultural production within the studio context. The artists feature a series of structural and sound-based installations that are placed together in consideration of working methodology. Aside from the exhibit, the project includes a publication, contributors talk and a residency. The publication is available in a numbered edition of 200, it contains a lithographic print by Sam Keogh and four critical texts studying cultural production in the fields of friendship, awareness, gentrification and articulation—its authors are Rebecca O’Dwyer, Martina McDonald, Nicky Teegan and Seán O Sullivan.

Given the project’s study of studio praxis, a residency program was arranged in support of the exhibition; Matthew Slack was selected to create a body of work in a space provided to him by Ormond Studios.

Closing Discussion: 5pm 30 June 2010

The exhibition will close with a discussion of topics surrounding the project; this will be a cumulation of weekly critical dialogues between the project’s contributors, the talk features curator Seán O Sullivan, studio founder Jennette Donnelly, and resident exhibitor Matthew Slack.

scalar publication (come on the night to get the actual, physical version)

scalar press release


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