Recent happenings in the life of a commuter

Waiting for the 7.20am train from Thurles, yes AM

Kind of getting into the swing of things these days, the early starts and long days where once I had become distinctly accustomed to rolling out of bed five-minutes prior to class with frequent skips back home on breaks. No more! The one thing I miss more than anything about living in Dublin is just that, having a home; a place to skive off to, perhaps to watch an episode of Grand Designs and have a cup of tea. Furthermore, this applies even more harshly to going out at night. During the day, I’m in college and I’m stuck there; I have to work. This applies to going out also, I’m there til the bitter end; always waiting for a friend to decide to call it a night so I can steal their couch. Its a bit depressing; free choice is out the window.

On the plus side, trains and I are getting on famously. It sometimes feels as though the Iarnroid Eireann timetable is coursing through my veins, so symbiotic is our relationship. But that said, I thought I remembered trains to be quiet places??? Phones go off literally every two seconds, everyone seems in a rush to become distracted out of the train; to forget their environment. I’m not sure why. I often recognise a tone in peoples voices as they’re on the phone which has this air of confusion, like they’re not quite sure why they’re making the call in the first place.They know they don’t particuarly want to talk to so and so but yet they’re doing it, in the process distracting me from the experience of being on a train.


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