The Fantastic Use-Value of something seemingly useless

Its funny, blogging has come to be something that you can just take up without showing any prior interest. Most importantly, it has no set purpose. Its not like you sit down with a list of objectives and gradually tick them off. Which is why I think it interests me, and why I do it. The purpose of this purposeless exercise is in a state on interminable flux, aims are put off and forgotten about, replaced by new ones. Not that I think the activity has no actual use, rather its use lies in its transient purpose. So I suppose when I was asked today why I keep a blog I was a bit taken aback, the use value of what I do changes everyday. However the constant focus, for me, is to be able to articulate myself within language. Sometimes in class something of interest arises and I’m a bit slow on the up-take to connect this within a wider contextual background. Maybe two hours, or days later I’m going about my business and then all of a sudden I have this kind of eureka moment, something clicks. Its then that this activity comes into play. For good or for bad….

Deleuze gets it right when he says “Writing has nothing to do with meaning. It has to do with landsurveying and cartography, including the mapping of countries yet to come”.

And then obviously- who is this for? Myself, completely! I don’t need anyone to read this in order to justify what I do per se. But obviously I quite like it when people do. However the presence of an audience can never validate anything, whether that be a blog or a piece of art or whatever.


2 thoughts on “The Fantastic Use-Value of something seemingly useless

    • Thanks John, yep I reckon that quote comes from an interview but I can’t be sure. Was looking for this quote….
      “If you don’t admire something, if you don’t love it, you have no reason to write a word about it.” (Deleuze,G & C.Parnet ‘Dialogues’ pg 144)
      but then I found that one and thought it worked a lot better!

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