Mental illness, capitalist realism…

Interesting to note that in relation to work, and work’s expectation of us, the emphasis is fully placed on the individual and his or her individual capabilities. So as Mark Fisher states, if we fail we only have ourselves to blame. Obviously this puts the subject in a box, and its dimensions thus become determined by how the subject imagines him or herself. Obviously the problem of imagination is that which become compromised(under late-capitalism). That is, not only can we not imagine ourselves to be something other but furthermore we cannot abdicate control over our own fundamental difference. We don’t want to be like someone else- we want to be ‘individuals’.In the context of mental illness, too, we only have ourselves to blame- albeit a ‘self’ on an unimaginable, physiological stratum.  However, as Fisher says, the subject suffering mental illness cannot get with help with this burden, there can be no real rallying around the subject/condition whilst the condition remains tightly ensconsed within the subject. By reducing mental illness to its biological make-up capitalism effectively wipes its hands clean of any any wrongdoing. It wasn’t even there…


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