Artists, I think, can highlight the precariat but I do think they distance themselves from this growing class through its representation and through their position as an artist. For example…..


2 thoughts on “Distance

  1. You should really have the title here as it effects the reading of the work quite a lot. Sierra’s work is grim meditation on the social and political conditions that permit disparities in people’s “prices” to emerge. He orchestrates situations in which participants are paid to carry out obscure tasks that are invariably both useless and physically demanding. The performances instill sensations of unease and discomfort, highlighting the void between the art world’s viewers and the less fortunate members of the “precariat”, as you put it. I feel it addresses issues of inequality and class rather than distancing itself from them, particularly if you witness the performance.

    • Hi Nicholas, this post was meant as a follow on from the post below it, and was meant somewhat as an after-thought.
      I do think however that the unease initiated by work such as Sierra’s centers around the disparity between those whom he commodifies and the art-world who act as the work’s audience. However, I think he implicates himself within this paradigm.

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